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The SMR Blade or “Summer” Blade is a purpose-built tool that was designed for active clothing. It is our most compact, innovative, and concealable blade yet. Part bottle opener, part blade, this next level of Dynamis Blade Systems was designed to meet a different need: To hide in plain sight. The SMR Blade is crafted to be as minimalistic as possible and comes with a built in cover for action. It’s a bottle opener when you want it to be, and a blade when you need it to be. The SMR Blade can be easily carried while wearing minimal clothing and without drawing unwanted attention. Built for the active lifestyle, we made sure to use the highest quality materials, anti-corrosive coatings, and hardened steel. It includes a special edition deep blue IWB (in the waistband) sheath that comes equipped with a unique anti-corrosive coated Zero Clip. You will not need a belt to secure this blade and sheath combo! This means it can be used with board shorts, swimwear, or yoga pants. If you spend a lot of time in and around the water, or just live an active lifestyle, here’s a blade that can keep up.

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The SMR Blade Trainer is an exact replica of its’ live blade counter part. It features no sharp edges to allow for effective combative training. It is also anodized an eye-catching blue to follow the aquatic theme of the SMR.
Each trainer is meant to fit the same sheath that your live blade fits in. This allows you to have the same carry position, sheath and feel with your trainer as you do your live blade in order to maximize realistic combative training.

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