The Dynamis shield is inspired by the Spartan battles and Spartan way of life. In Sparta, the shield was part of you, part of protecting your brother, and was invaluable when combat was in its rawest form. There is a reason that a Spartan mother called out and said: “come home with your shield or on it.” Even a loving mother understood the mindset it took to keep a country free. It took honor and strong values to forge a culture in which the priority was protecting its way of life and the freedoms it cherished so much. Shields are what bond us in battle, and today we have taken that Spartan mentality to have our logo unite each and every one of us with the same mindset. With our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and the will to fight, we become a force of good to stop the evil…


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SHIELDS have bonded us in battle for thousands of years. It is what has literally kept evil at bay and keep evil from breaking into the freedom and lives of our loved ones at home.  

“Why do the Spartans punish with a fine the warrior who loses his helmet or spear but punish with death the warrior who loses his shield?”

The helmet and spear are carried for the protection of the individual alone, but the shield protects every man in the line.

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