Dynamis Alliance Women’s Course

Dynamis Alliance spent two full days of training and bonding with influential women in the industry that truly crush everything. We put Honor First and learned so much from each other throughout our time together.

Off Body Carry – The Dynamis L.V.L. Bag

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso says that if we choose to utilize off body carry we will need to have a heightened sense of awareness. It’s not like a phone you can just set down, it becomes an extension of your body. Raso discusses three pros that off body carry provides: it’s customizable, adaptable and it reduces your signature.

Dynamis Training Day

Watch as the Dynamis Team trains on the range to prepare themselves for upcoming courses.

Shoot, Move, Communicate

Check out Dom and Dylan breaking down your favorite fighting and shooting scenes from the best action movies of all time!