The LVL FreeFall Pull Handle is Here! The LVL FreeFall Pull Handle, or FFPH is a premium upgrade to the LVL Quick Draw Pull Handle. LVL stands for Low Vis Lifestyle, and it describes how Dynamis strives to provide you with Tier-1 level capabilities that integrate seamlessly into your daily life. The FFPH is designed […]


Realistic combat training at a whole new level! The Accuracy Under Fire (AUFIRE) System allows you to physically and mentally forge your will to fight. Through Simulated Injury Technology the system creates realistic conditions typically only experienced in real-world deadly force situations. At the push of a button an instructor can temporarily impair a specific body part […]

SMR Blade Launch Countdown | Official Release Date Announced

The SMR Blade It is almost here! We have had a lot of fun over the past 6 years+ designing the SMR Blade. We were patient and we wanted to get it right. It was important to us to have an extremely functional blade, with a low and ambiguous profile, and that had a high […]


UPDATE: Guess what’s getting ready to drop…  The SMR is now in the final stages of production and is getting prepped for release!  SMR BLADE:  I have been calling this the best Christmas present of 2020 because of its awesomeness. I am so pumped for you guys to see the whole package when it goes […]

LVL Bag Series Update | Coming Soon!

GOAL: The long-awaited launch of the brand new LVL-COMP WHY:  You need a pack that is effective, blends in, and that is going to preform when you need it. We designed the LVL series of bags to give you the most effective option possible when it comes to capability.  What we choose to carry on […]

Dynamis Alliance Blade Sizing Guide

We get questions all the time about the sizing difference between our full-size blades and the razorback blade. Because of that, we created this sizing document. This sizing guide has an actual size outline of each of our blade sizes. You can print this out, cut out the blade, and feel it in your hand […]

SMR Blade in Production (Launch Announcement Coming Soon)

The SMR Blade or “Summer” Blade is a purpose-built tool that was designed for carrying while wearing active clothing. It is our most compact, innovative, and concealable Blade yet. This blade System was designed to meet a different need: To hide in plain sight. The SMR Blade is crafted to be as minimalistic as possible […]


What is new in 2020? Everyone loves surprises especially around the holidays! Here is one of the bigger items we have been working on for over 10 years. NEW FOR 2020! We wanted to let our Alliance in on a little secret…after years of design and development we have finally put together the Dynamis Combat […]


Its been a while guys and thank you for your patience! OUR NEW SITE IS LIVE! VIEW SITE I am more excited than ever for the future and pumped to have you guys back! Our marketing team made some significant adjustments to the user interface and I hope you guys have a better experience navigating […]